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Drive more website traffic and increase sales with VeO® Retail!

  • Experts in Pay-Per-Click and SEO for Online Retail Brands and eCommerce websites

  • Strategic processes include Game Mechanics – “Gamification” to increase customer engagement resulting in recurring sales and increased revenue

  • Online Retail Brands and eCommerce websites Pay-Per-Click Campaigns run on advanced bid management software

  • VeO's team have worked with medium to large retail startups and established brands for last 5 years


High performance campaigns targeted at increasing sales and traffic!

Faced with the tough, competitive challenges of the current economy, retailers can differentiate themselves with digital marketing solutions that increase customer loyalty while also optimising spends. Today’s value-driven consumer is immersed in social networking, user-generated content, and information-rich interactions. The digital world drives their marketplace expectations, brand preferences and purchasing patterns. 

To reach this new generation of customers, retailers must create personal, interactive, and social experiences that engage and excite shoppers—and must do so with consistency across all digital marketing channels. 

VeO® enables retailers to provide customer valuable, rich-media experiences that fully integrate with the their business and e-commerce platforms. Our digital marketing services help retailers deliver powerful customer experiences fast while also driving down costs. 

VeO® Retail utilises a range of services for its high performance campaigns including Paid Search, Organic Search, Social Media, Display Advertising, Mobile Marketing and Web Analytics. These services are strategised and delivered using our process driven methodology, VeO®DNA. 

VeO® DNA incorporates complex strategical components such as “Predictive Opportunity Modelling”, which is used to increase website visibility, and "Gamification” (the process of adding game mechanics to websites and services for influencing and motivating people) for delivering higher engagement and optimisation.

Learn more about our campaign delivery services below and see how VeO® can help your retail brand increase bookings and conversions. 

VeO® Retail uses these services to increase your sales

  • Pay Per Click
    paid search agency
  • SEO Services
    organic search agency
  • Social Media
    social media marketing agency
  • Display Advertising
    display advertising agency
  • Mobile Marketing
    mobile marketing agency
  • Web Analytics
    web analytics agency
  • Email Marketing
    email marketing agency
VeO® Retail - Digital Marketing Services Benefits

VeO® Retail - Digital Marketing Services Benefits

  • Drives targeted marketing and advertising of products and services
  • Increases number of unique visitors, click-throughs, and online conversion rates
  • Significantly boosts cross-sell and upsell activities,  generating more revenue
  • Reduces marketing staff burden and lowers marketing support costs

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